Azam Marine

Sealink 2


Our Services


We transport vehicles from the mainland to the island.

Loose Cargo

We transport loose cargo for Business or personal goods.

Passengers & Cargo

We have 2 Ro-Ro vessels, Azam Sea Link 1 and Azam Sea Link 2 that transport passengers and cargo to and from: Daressalaam, Zanzibar, Pemba and Tanga. Additionally we have vessels strictly available on demand and with no specific route. These vessels can transport goods to any destination in Africa as long as an agreement has been met with both parties.

On Demand Vessels

These two vessels are ready for charter to suite customer preferences. The vessels can handle all types of goods including loose cargo, containers and dangerous/hazardous goods. All our vessels are fully insured to cover any risk that might arise during voyage. Our Captains and crews are well trained, experienced and equipped to ensure safety comes first. Sealink 1 and 2 can not only load alot of loose cargo, they can also carry 40 and 50 trucks respectively. MV Comoro can carry up to 1,200 tons of cargo. MV Khadija can ship 300 tons of goods.